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    HP 3100-24 EI Switch (JD320A) 24-Port 10/100 + 2-port SFP Fast Ethernet Switch / 4094 VLAN / Managed Rackmount Switch
    [FE 24-Port]

    HP 3100-24 EI Switch / Managed Rackmount Switch

    Part Number : HPQ-JD320A

    คุณสมบัติเด่น (Key Features)
    • Comprehensive security control policies
    • High reliability with improved backup redundancy
    • Simplified deployment and ease of use
    • Highly expandable and highly reliable
    • Diversified management modes and maintenance

    HP 3100-24 EI Switch is Layer 2 Ethernet switches designed for enterprise networks demanding high security and intelligence. They provide 10/100 Mbps downlink and 1000 Mbps uplink Ethernet ports, and serve as access devices for 100 Mbps-to-desktop applications in enterprise networks.

    HP 3100-24 EI Switch Features include advanced Quality of Service (QoS), rate limiting, QinQ (virtual LAN [VLAN]/VPN), SSHv2, Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR), Virtual Cable Tester (VCT), HGMP V2, GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP), access control list (ACL), media access control (MAC)-IP-port binding, Endpoint Admission Defense, voice and protocol-based VLAN, Internet Group Management Protocol snooping, and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

    รายละเอียดคุณลักษณะ (Product Specification) : HP 3100-24 EI Switch
    • Port :
      • 24 autosensing 10/100 ports (IEEE 802.3 Type 10BASE-T, IEEE 802.3u Type 100BASE-TX); Duplex: half or full
      • 2 dual-personality ports; auto-sensing 10/100/1000BASE-T or SFP
      • 1 RJ-45 serial console port
    • Layer 2 switching :
      • NEW PVST+ on v2 products provides greater interoperability
      • 8K MAC addresses provide access to many Layer 2 devices
      • VLAN support and tagging supports the IEEE 802.1Q, with 4,094 simultaneous VLAN IDs; supports port-based VLANs, MAC-based VLANs, and protocol-based VLANs
      • GARP VLAN Registration Protocol allows automatic learning and dynamic assignment of VLANs
      • IEEE 802.1ad QinQ and Selective QinQ increase the scalability of an Ethernet network by providing a hierarchical structure; connect multiple LANs on a high-speed campus or metro network
      • Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) protocol snooping effectively control and manage the flooding of multicast packets in a Layer 2 network
    • Performance :
      • 100 Mb Latency < 6 μs (64-byte packets)
      • 1000 Mb Latency < 5 μs (64-byte packets)
      • Throughput up to 6.5 million pps
      • Switching capacity 8.8 Gbps
      • Routing table size 16 entries
      • MAC address table size 8192 entries
    • Quality of Service (QoS) :
      • Broadcast control allows limitation of broadcast traffic rate to cut down on unwanted network broadcast traffic
      • Advanced classifier-based QoS classifies traffic using multiple match criteria based on Layer 2, 3, and 4 information; applies QoS policies such as setting priority level and rate limit to selected traffic on a per-port or per-VLAN basis
      • Powerful QoS feature supports the following congestion actions: strict priority queuing (SP), weighted round robin (WRR) queuing, and SP+WRR
      • Traffic policing supports Committed Access Rate (CAR) and line rate
    • Resiliency and high availability :
      • Separate data and control paths increases security and performance
      • External redundant power supply provides high reliability
      • Smart link allows 50 ms failover between links
      • Spanning Tree/MSTP, RSTP provides redundant links while preventing network loops
      • Port trunking provides higher switch-to-switch throughput and link-level redundancy, with support for standards-based link aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad); supports up to 13 trunks, each with up to 8 links (ports) per trunk
      • Device Link Detection Protocol (DLDP) monitors link connectivity and shuts down ports at both ends if unidirectional traffic is detected, preventing loops in STP-based networks
    • Management :
      • Friendly port names allow assignment of descriptive names to ports
      • Remote configuration and management is available through a secure Web browser or a command-line interface (CLI)
      • Manager and operator privilege levels enable read-only (operator) and read/write (manager) access on CLI and Web browser management interfaces
      • Command authorization leverages HWTACACS to link a custom list of CLI commands to an individual network administrator's login; also provides an audit trail
      • Secure Web GUI provides a secure, easy-to-use graphical interface for configuring the module via HTTPS
      • Multiple configuration files can be stored to the flash image
      • Complete session logging provides detailed information for problem identification and resolution
      • SNMPv1, v2c, and v3 facilitate centralized discovery, monitoring, and secure management of networking devices
      • Remote monitoring (RMON) uses standard SNMP to monitor essential network functions; supports events, alarm, history, and statistics group plus a private alarm extension group
      • IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) automated device discovery protocol provides easy mapping of network management applications
      • Management VLAN segments traffic to and from management interfaces, including CLI/telnet, a Web browser interface, and SNMP
      • Local and Remote Intelligent Mirroring mirror traffic from a switch port to a local or remote switch port anywhere on the network; mirror ACL-selected traffic to a local switch port
      • Device Link Detection Protocol (DLDP) monitors a cable between two switches and shuts down the ports on both ends if the cable is broken, preventing network problems such as loop
      • Stacking capability single IP address management for a stack of up to 16 switches
    • Warranty : Lifetime


    >> ท่านสามารถโหลด Data Sheet ของ HP 3100 EI Switch Series ได้ที่นี่ (ภาษาอังกฤษ / pdf format)

    HP 3100-24 EI Switch
    HP 3100-24 EI Switch / Managed Rackmount Switch

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